Two Kaauri and a Kotail



Impulse-bought these two blisters last week. Hadn’t actually looked at them previously but Kaauri seem kinda phenomenal for their points. Neat-looking minis too, though I’d rather they’d still been tweaked to closer fit that S1 silhouette of theirs. The 2x combi Kotail is just a replacement for my other Kotail mini, used as a proxy for any profile anyways. I just think this mini looks more interesting and distinct on the table.

Painted More Tohaa


Prepared this week’s 250pt list by painting 5 minis this past weekend: a Makaul, Rasail + Peripheral, Clipsos Sniper, and an Igao. They’re not based yet, which I suppose is the next step (thinking of buying Corpse Field scenic bases from Secret Weapon after NOVA), but this’ll still make my next game the first time I’ll be fielding a fully-painted Tohaa force. Kinda wanted to fit my Kumotail doctor in for this lower point level but opted (and excited) to finally field an Igao for the first time instead.

For those interested, Infinity Army Code for the list: BwBgjAPgTArCETAdgKQDY1RVKBONKAhFACwpK4goDMI1wRUY5JBs1WhDaM12UaBoT5oSDHCVTEqSMLmwlqMRjLkLqfYliQxmsGPMJgGSEKlJmiqHlhw8UAASdA==